2024 Business Tax Filing Season Kicks Off in North Carolina

2024 Business Tax Filing Season Kicks Off in North Carolina

The North Carolina Department of Revenue (NCDOR) has officially begun accepting business income tax returns for the year 2023. This includes a variety of tax forms such as corporate income and franchise taxes, along with partnership, estate, and trust taxes.

Important Information for Tax Filers

For businesses and individuals who follow the calendar year for their financial records, the deadline to submit these returns is April 15. This is a critical date to remember to avoid any late submission issues.

The Shift to Electronic Filing

NCDOR is actively encouraging everyone to file their taxes using electronic methods. This digital approach is not only safer but also more efficient than the traditional paper-based filing system. By choosing to file electronically, taxpayers can enjoy a smoother, faster process, ensuring their tax submissions move through the system with ease.

To understand more about how to file your income tax returns electronically, additional information is available to guide you through the process.

Supporting North Carolina’s Public Services

It’s worth noting that the taxes collected by NCDOR play a significant role in supporting the state. The revenue generated from these taxes is crucial in funding various public services that benefit the residents of North Carolina. The Department is dedicated to managing and enforcing tax laws fairly and efficiently, ensuring a secure and impartial collection of taxes.

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