2024’s Pioneering Endeavor: Elevating Indo-Canadian Economic Ties

2024's Pioneering Endeavor Elevating Indo-Canadian Economic Ties

In a monumental effort to escalate the economic relations between India and Canada to new zeniths, a delegation spearheaded by Murarilal Thapliyal, the President of the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC), embarks on a visionary journey. Named ‘India Mission 2024’, this initiative aims to intertwine Canada’s innovative spirit with India’s ingenious minds, setting a new benchmark in international trade and cooperation.

How the Mission Nurtures Bilateral Bonds?

Under the guidance of Murarilal Thapliyal, a distinguished Canadian lawyer and a venerated leader within the Indo-Canadian community, the delegation sets out with a profound commitment to enhancing the commercial ties between Canada and India.

This 12-day expedition, spanning from the 29th of January to the 9th of February 2024, is set to fortify Business to Business (B2B) connections across six major Indian cities – Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Dispur, Chandigarh, and Dehradun.

The mission assembles an array of luminary investors, pioneering entrepreneurs, and professionals from sectors including hospitality, real estate, tourism, law, education, and technology, all united by the mission’s theme: “Uniting Canadian innovation with Indian ingenuity.”

What the ‘India Mission 2024’ Entails?

During their stay, the delegates of ‘India Mission 2024’ aim to engage with top-tier business chambers, political figures, and corporate leaders at various esteemed institutions like the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), Invest India, and the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI).

Visits to India’s GIFT City and meetings with innovation hubs and leading educational institutions are on the agenda. This mission is not merely a visit; it’s a strategic endeavor to understand market nuances, explore potential partnerships, and seize investment opportunities, especially when the trade between India and Canada is flourishing, currently valued at USD 9 billion.

How the Mission Fosters Future Growth and Prosperity?

The ‘India Mission 2024’ doesn’t just represent a trade delegation; it epitomizes the bridge of trust and collaboration built over decades between India and Canada. With over 600 Canadian companies operating in India and a bilateral commercial relationship valued at USD 100 billion, the mission is a testament to a shared vision of sustainable, inclusive growth powered by technological innovation. As Murarilal Thapliyal articulates, this mission is a catalyst, not just for augmenting the current trade dynamics, but for unlocking future avenues of prosperity and growth in both nations.

The legacy of the ICCC, since its inception in 1977, underscores this mission’s significance. With a dedicated focus on nurturing economic and business relations, the ICCC has been at the forefront of creating platforms for exchange, fostering opportunities, and facilitating learning through various programs. As ‘India Mission 2024’ unfolds, this rich tradition carries forward, aiming to strengthen the fabric of Indo-Canadian partnership even further.

Source: https://www.devdiscourse.com/article/business/2791568-icccs-india-mission-2024-to-revitalize-india-canada-economic-relations