3 of the Best Growth Stocks Canada Has to Offer

3 of the Best Growth Stocks Canada Has to Offer

In the quest for substantial returns, investors often focus on growth stocks, a segment known for its potential to appreciate capital over time significantly. The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) houses a plethora of such opportunities, but discerning which stocks promise genuine growth instead of speculative hype requires careful consideration.

Among the myriad options, three companies stand out for their impressive track records, innovative business models, and robust financial health: Shopify, Spin Master, and Boyd Group. These growth stocks not only illustrate the dynamic nature of Canadian businesses but also offer investors a chance to be part of transformative industries.

Shopify: Revolutionizing E-Commerce Globally

Shopify (TSX:SHOP), a behemoth in the e-commerce space, empowers small and mid-sized businesses worldwide with its comprehensive platform. Shopify enables entrepreneurs to design, market, manage, and sell their products with unparalleled ease by offering merchant solutions and subscription services. This innovative approach has democratized e-commerce and positioned Shopify as a global leader in this sector.

Financial Performance

In 2023, Shopify reported a staggering $2.1 billion in revenue, marking a 24% increase from the previous year. Even more impressive was the 30% year-over-year growth after adjusting for business sales in logistics, underscoring Shopify’s robust and scalable business model. With a current market capitalization of CA$128.4 billion and a Beta (5-year monthly) of 2.2, Shopify is a titan in the TSX, reflecting investor confidence and the company’s growth trajectory.

Market Position and Stock Performance

Despite a price-to-earnings ratio of 768.2 times and earnings per share of $0.13, Shopify’s stock has skyrocketed approximately 3,000% since its May 2005 TSX listing. This meteoric rise is a testament to the company’s innovative technology, strong leadership, and the ever-growing e-commerce market.

Future Outlook

As digital commerce continues to evolve, Shopify’s commitment to innovation and expanding its service offerings positions it well for future growth. The company’s ability to adapt to market trends and meet merchant needs suggests that Shopify remains a compelling choice for growth-oriented investors.

Spin Master: Leading Innovation in Children’s Entertainment

Spin Master (TSX:TOY) plays a pivotal role in the global toy industry, a sector valued at over CAD$100 billion. The company’s diverse portfolio spans brands, products, and entertainment properties, making it a key player in children’s entertainment worldwide.

1. Financial Performance

The year 2023 saw Spin Master report revenues of $502.6 million, a 7.9% increase from the previous year. This growth was notably driven by a 76.9% increase in entertainment revenue, alongside gains in toys and digital games. Such performance underscores the company’s ability to innovate and expand its market presence effectively.

2. Global Presence and Market Strategy

With operations spanning more than 20 countries and products sold in approximately 100 markets, Spin Master’s global footprint is both expansive and strategic. The company’s dividend yield of 0.75% reflects its financial health and the potential for future increases as it continues to grow.

3. Investment Potential

Spin Master’s commitment to innovation and its strategic position in the entertainment and toy industries make it a promising investment. The company’s ability to create and market popular brands and products offers significant growth potential for investors.

Boyd Group: Dominating Auto Repair Services

Boyd Group (TSX:BYD) is a leading name in auto body and glass repair services in Canada and the United States. Operating under Boyd Autobody and Glass in Canada, the company has established itself as a major player in the auto repair industry.

1. Upcoming Financial Release

Investors are keenly awaiting Boyd Group’s fiscal year 2023 and fourth-quarter financial results, anticipated to be released on March 20, 2024. These results are expected to provide further insight into the company’s growth trajectory and financial health.

2. Dividend Yield and Growth Prospects

While Boyd offers a modest dividend yield, its long-term growth prospects are significant, particularly as it continues to consolidate its position in a fragmented market. The company’s strategic acquisitions and efficient operations have made it a standout choice for investors seeking stable, long-term growth.

3. Why Boyd is a Compelling Investment?

For those looking to invest in a sector poised for continued consolidation, Boyd Group represents an excellent opportunity. The company’s leadership position, coupled with its strategic growth initiatives, suggests that Boyd is well-positioned for further success.


Shopify, Spin Master, and Boyd Group embody the essence of growth stocks on the TSX, offering investors the opportunity to participate in dynamic and evolving industries. Each company’s innovative approach, financial performance, and market position highlight their potential for delivering significant returns. As the landscape of global business continues to shift, these three stocks present compelling cases for inclusion in any growth-oriented investment portfolio.

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