7 Steps To UnFu*k Your Life and Start CashFlowing

7 Steps To UnFuk Your Life and Start CashFlowing

You’re most likely doing most of everything right, doing the hard work, putting in the hours, networking with the right people, etc…

Every startup has had a hold-up, and it was likely one of these 7 things.

That’s why this week we’re going to go over them to help you overcome these challenges and get into the cash flow game.

Let’s dive in!

Momentum is the most powerful force to succeed with a business with any metric.

When you’re on a streak of winning, or even get a small win and say you’ve made $1,000 this week, don’t stop there.

Even if you’ve made plenty more than that.

When you make money with a side hustle, it’s because you put in enough work to get the ball rolling.

If you don’t continue to keep pushing, the ball will stop, and you’ll be dead back to where you started.

Momentum goes along with the saying “When it rains, it pours” and it’s very true.

Cut Out “Those” Friends

You know what we’re talking about.

The friends who you’re only with for specific reasons that aren’t contributing to your success in any way.

For example your party friends, or drinking friends, or gaming friends.

Friends you’re only hanging out with not because you guys have a lot in common, but because you have one bad habit in common.

One of these friends can suck multiple hours a week out of your time just because they want to do a certain thing and you’re doing it with them.

Some of these friends aren’t easy to cut out, but even reducing the amount of time you spend with them can help a ton

Cut out the friends, cut out the habits


The sun makes everything grow on the earth, and there’s a direct correlation between exposure to sunlight and increased mood

Being in a good mood is surprisingly one of the most proven reasons why people are more efficient and do better work

You don’t need to be in direct sunlight, as winter comes around obviously, but just being outside helps.

Pro tip: The more skin you show, the better. So don’t be afraid to throw on a swimsuit and sunbathe if you ever get the chance.

No Messy Desk

A messy desk is instantly a showing of what your mind is like.

Have a clean desk, make your bed, pick up your office, whatever it takes to make your work environment organized, so you can do your work in the most organized way possible.

There’s a reason different militaries make troops make their beds in the morning, and it’s not so it looks nice, it’s so it’s one less thing in their minds to notice and get distracted.

This is why your desk is so important.

If you’re working on your computer and your desk is full of clutter, there will be many things to notice and get distracted by.

No Music In the Morning

Mornings are when your mind is fresh and waking up, and there’s no reason for you to distract yourself or hurt your mind during that time.

Keep your focus by not playing music much, and especially not loudly.

When you listen to modern rap or some form of fast-paced, loud music in the morning, it interrupts how you actually think at that time of day because of how fresh your mind is.

Pro Tip: Keep it out of your regiment until noon

Unfollow All The Insta Girls

Let’s be honest, if you’re a guy who follows a bunch of model girls on Instagram, you’re just ruining your own mind framework.

What you see on a daily basis, whether you notice it or not, frames the way your mind sees things.

This is why people who have 10 supercars aren’t phased when they see another one or even buy their 11th.

When you’re constantly seeing attractive girls on Instagram wearing next to nothing it’s influencing your mind and making you think about that, rather than what should really be on your mind.

Plus, if you’re that dedicated to following these girls and truly have a problem with what we just said, you’re probably wasting too much time on Instagram anyway.

Instagram can be the bad habit friend too.

Diet and Health

Your body and mind are so directly linked that it’s unreal the effect health has on how sharp people are.

If you’re truly in shape and dedicated to a diet and potentially the gym, then most likely it shows that you are consistent, care about yourself, have the mental fortitude to do so, and are self-aware.

All of these things are traits that the most successful people all have, and you should too.

So even if it’s just fasting in the mornings for you, or it’s even going to the gym 2 days a week, pay attention to your health, and it’ll make a huge difference in your life.

And with that last tip, hopefully, you’ve got a great framework to clean up your life around the edges and start focusing on cash flowing!