UK Businesses Grow Optimistic About AI in 2024, Survey Reveals

UK Firms

The business landscape is undergoing a seismic shift with the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence (AI), and a new survey indicates that UK companies preparing for AI disruption are more optimistic about their future growth. A revealing study by Startups company among 546 UK companies shows a stark contrast in outlook based on their readiness for AI.

Rising Confidence in AI

A recent survey by sheds light on the changing attitudes of UK businesses towards artificial intelligence (AI). Of the 546 companies surveyed, a mere 2% of those bracing for AI disruption are pessimistic about future growth. This finding suggests a growing confidence in the benefits of AI.

Sector-Wise AI Adoption

In the race to adopt AI, the tech and finance sectors are leading, with more than 20% of companies in these industries focusing on AI for 2024. However, sectors like leisure and education are lagging, with 57% not viewing AI as impactful for their operations this year.

AI’s Diverse Impact

The survey highlights the diverse impact of AI across industries. While some sectors are hesitant, others are exploring AI to solve specific challenges, like labor shortages in hospitality and enhancing learning in education through startups like


As businesses across the UK increasingly embrace AI, the technology is set to play a significant role in shaping industry trends and growth prospects in 2024.