Howden Welcomes Pivotal Executive to Strengthen Leadership

Howden Welcomes Pivotal Executive to Strengthen Leadership

In a strategic move to fortify its leadership core, Howden has officially announced the recruitment of the esteemed Chief Operating Officer and Integration Head of the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), David Shalders. His new role at Howden will see him taking charge as the Group Chief Operating Officer (COO).

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Leadership Transition and Vision

David Shalders is set to embark on his new journey with Howden upon fulfilling his current commitments to LSEG. His role will be integral, not only as a member of Howden’s global leadership cadre but also as an esteemed executive within the board.

Shalders articulated his enthusiasm about joining Howden, recognizing its distinctive capital model and robust global distribution network, a testament to years of cultivating talent and expertise. He remarked on the company’s impressive growth trajectory, highlighting an extraordinary 30-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25%. Yet, according to Shalders, what’s even more exhilarating is the company’s potential to further expedite this growth.

Expressing his optimism about the future, Shalders mentioned, “From our initial interactions, I was captivated by the company’s drive to innovate and excel. I am thrilled to contribute to this journey.”

A Wealth of Experience

Shalders comes to Howden with an impressive career spanning over three decades, marked by significant roles in integration, technology, and operations within the financial services sector. His experience includes notable tenures at The Royal Bank of Scotland, UBS, JPMorgan, and Accenture. Previously holding the role of Group Operations and Technology Director at WTW, his wealth of experience is set to be a valuable asset to Howden.

Strategic Growth and Cultural Integrity

As Howden commemorates its 30th anniversary, marking its evolution into a globally recognized business, the addition of Shalders is envisioned to further the company’s ambitious growth objectives. David Howden, the CEO, emphasized that this pivotal appointment, a first for a Group COO onto the board, mirrors the company’s expansive scale and its forward-looking aspirations in the insurance industry.

David Howden expressed, “David Shalders isn’t just a COO; he is a growth-oriented leader. His expertise in crafting strategies across multinational operations, data, and analytics has been instrumental in driving commercial growth. His leadership will be crucial as we strive to build scalable, world-class operations, all while maintaining the dynamic and innovative spirit that defines Howden.”

Employing approximately 16,000 individuals and operating across 50 countries, Howden oversees a staggering US$35 billion in premiums on behalf of its clients. The induction of David Shalders into this thriving environment is anticipated to not only foster growth but also ensure the perpetuation of the unique culture that Howden has nurtured over three decades. As the company stands on the cusp of this new chapter, the entire team looks forward to navigating the future under the guidance of their new Group COO, David Shalders.