IGD Leads Charge in Nurturing Britain’s Future Through Comprehensive Training of Over 100,000 Youths

IGD Leads Charge in Nurturing Britain's Future Through Comprehensive Training of Over 100,000 Youths

In the heart of this year’s National Apprenticeship Week, IGD stands proud, celebrating a remarkable milestone: the training of over 100,000 young talents through its comprehensive programmes. As we step into the sunny days of summer, IGD is rolling up its sleeves to spearhead an ambitious sector-wide initiative. This campaign is set to elevate the allure of the UK’s food industry, showcasing the rich tapestry of career opportunities awaiting the next generation.

IGD isn’t just a participant in the food and consumer goods industry; it’s a cornerstone, an essential partner ensuring the sector’s vitality. As we approach the summer, the organization is rallying food companies to join its mission. The goal? To keep the momentum of its employability programmes, shaping a campaign that’s not just a showcase but a beacon, drawing in the young minds that will define the industry’s future.

Celebrating a Landmark in Youth Training

This initiative is a key component of IGD’s response to The Independent Labour Review’s call to action regarding shortages in the Food Supply-Chain. Under the vigilant leadership of IGD CEO Sarah Bradbury and Chair Ash Amirhamadi, IGD isn’t just responding it’s leading the charge.

With a legacy spanning over a century in training and educating industry professionals, IGD’s capability to convene key players from the realms of industry, government, academia, and beyond is unparalleled. This collaborative spirit was epitomized in the groundbreaking ‘Feeding Britain’s Future’ scheme, launched in 2012, laying the groundwork for today’s monumental achievement.

Fiona Miller, the People Programmes Director at IGD, shares her enthusiasm: “This summer is more than just a season; it’s a pivotal moment. Together with the Food and Drink Sector Council and our vast network of stakeholders, we’re setting the stage to attract bright minds to our vital industry—the very backbone of Britain’s private sector.”

A United Effort Towards a Brighter Future

IGD’s call to action is clear: it’s time for all food and consumer goods companies to step forward. By joining IGD’s employability programmes, these companies can ignite a spark in the youth, guiding them through a summer of discovery. The focus? To unveil the dynamic careers in technical, digital, and engineering domains sectors that fuel local economies and are ripe with opportunities.

The testimony of the 100,000 young individuals who’ve journeyed through IGD’s programmes speaks volumes. From immersive work experience weeks to interactive virtual workshops, these initiatives have reshaped perceptions, with a staggering 93% of participants attesting to a newfound understanding of the real-world professional environment.

Real Impact: Testimonies from Tomorrow’s Leaders

This National Apprenticeship Week is not just a celebration but a platform for sharing knowledge. Apprentices from esteemed companies, including PepsiCo, Premier Foods, and Saputo Dairy UK, are set to engage with around 1,500 youths across England, Scotland, and Wales. They’ll share insights from various realms engineering, continuous professional development, and product management, to name a few.

The story of Amelia Kay, a former participant, encapsulates the essence of IGD’s programmes. From harnessing theoretical knowledge to mastering practical skills, Amelia’s journey through IGD’s initiatives has catapulted her into a thriving marketing career. Now a Planner at SMG, she collaborates with leading FMCG brands, turning her early experience into a launchpad for success.

As we navigate through 2024, students will have the invaluable opportunity to connect with industry mavens experts from food manufacturing to retail, each a beacon of knowledge in engineering, digital, and technical domains. It’s not just training; it’s about crafting a future, where the brightest minds meet the best in the industry, fostering a synergy that promises to sustain and enrich Britain’s food sector for generations to come.

Source: https://londonlovesbusiness.com/igd-rallies-food-industry-to-feed-britains-future-talent-pool-as-it-celebrates-over-100000-young-people-trained/