Jagat, the Location-Centric Social App, Hits 10M User Milestone and Revolutionizes Real-Life Social Interactions

Jagat, the groundbreaking social network aimed at fostering real-life connections and activities, has reached a remarkable milestone of 10 million users worldwide. Launched in March this year, Jagat, available on iOS and Android, combines a location-based approach with an interactive map, encouraging users to physically interact more and engage less in passive digital scrolling.

The social map interface of Jagat enables real-time updates and discoveries of friends and local activities, drawing parallels with the former social map app Zenly by Snap. Headquartered in Singapore and Indonesia, Jagat was co-founded by President Barry Beagen and CEO Loy Xing Zhe. The duo, meeting in December 2021, shared a vision to challenge mainstream social networks with a Southeast Asia-based platform promoting active, real-world socialization.

According to Beagen in a TechCrunch interview, Jagat aims to take on giants like Facebook by focusing on genuine social networking over passive media consumption. The app encourages spontaneous real-life meetups, like hiking, attending concerts, or playing sports, through a map-first interface that displays friends’ locations and status updates.

Jagat’s unique selling point is its user-created virtual spaces for avatars to interact, reflecting a blend of web3, social, and gaming elements. In addition to local event organization and community building features, Jagat is developing tools for global community exploration.

Quick Insights:

  • User Engagement: Jagat users reportedly check the app 3-4 times daily, reflecting its utility in everyday social coordination.
  • International Appeal: Since its launch, Jagat has topped download charts in various countries, showing its global resonance beyond its Southeast Asian roots.
  • Investor Confidence: The successful closure of a Series A funding round in October, with undisclosed funding, underscores investor confidence in Jagat’s potential.



1. What sets Jagat apart from other social networks?

A1. Jagat emphasizes real-life interactions and spontaneous meetups, using a map-centric interface for real-time friend and activity tracking, moving away from passive content consumption.

2. How does Jagat enhance social experiences?

A2. It enables users to see friends’ locations and statuses in real-time, facilitating impromptu gatherings and reducing the need for text-based coordination.

3. Who primarily uses Jagat?

A3. About 85% of Jagat’s users belong to Gen Z, indicating its appeal to a younger, more tech-savvy audience.

4. What future developments are planned for Jagat?

A4. Jagat aims to become the default social app for the next generation, focusing on real connections and integrating features for creators and businesses. It also plans to rival Facebook Groups with its local event organization tools.

Future Outlook:

As Jagat continues to evolve, its commitment to “bringing back social in social apps” positions it uniquely in the social media landscape. Its focus on unpolished, real-time updates aligns with a growing trend towards authenticity in social media. The integration of global community features and support for a new generation of creators and businesses could redefine how social networks facilitate not just digital connections but also real-world interactions and economic opportunities.


Source: https://techcrunch.com/2023/12/15/jagat-location-based-social-network-focuses-on-real-life-connections-surpasses-10m-users/