Manulife Earns Spot in 2024 Corporate Knights Global 100 for Sustainability

Manulife Earns Spot in 2024 Corporate Knights Global 100 for Sustainability

A Recognition of Sustainability Efforts

In a significant accolade for its commitment to sustainability, Manulife has been honored with a place in the 2024 Corporate Knights Global 100. This prestigious list, now celebrating its 20th year, showcases the top 100 most sustainable companies worldwide. Manulife’s inclusion is a testament to its strategic approach towards sustainability, impacting both its operations and its offerings.

The Path to a Sustainable Future

The evaluation by Corporate Knights involved a thorough analysis of 6,720 companies, each boasting over US$1 billion in annual revenues. Manulife’s President and CEO, Roy Gori, credits their ‘Impact Agenda’ for guiding the company through uncertainties in the geopolitical, environmental, and economic landscapes. Their focus on making life easier and improving decision-making for their 34 million customers has been a key factor in this achievement.

Manulife’s success in the Global 100 is largely attributed to its revenue generated from sustainable sources. Their innovative programs like Vitality and ManulifeMOVE demonstrate a commitment to promoting long-term health and well-being. Additionally, Manulife Investment Management is recognized for its significant contributions to sustainable investing, including a substantial $15 billion management in natural capital assets.

Diversity and Inclusion as Cornerstones

The company’s dedication to diversity and inclusion is also noteworthy. In 2022, a significant portion of Manulife’s Board consisted of women and members of visible minorities. This emphasis on diverse leadership aligns with their sustainable and inclusive business philosophy.

Manulife’s Global Chief Sustainability Officer, Sarah Chapman, highlights the firm’s role in fostering a sustainable future and promoting inclusive economic opportunities. The acknowledgment in the Global 100 reflects their ongoing commitment to addressing global challenges.

Continued Recognition and Future Commitments

This honor is complemented by Manulife’s consistent recognition as one of Canada’s Top 50 Companies by Corporate Knights. The company also enjoys a high ranking in its Financials and Insurance sector. Furthermore, Manulife’s inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index underscores its sustainable business practices and its ability to deliver long-term value to shareholders.

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