More than $15K in Credits Available for Empowered Startups’ SUV Program Participants

Starting or expanding a new business in a new country can be overwhelming. To make life a little easier for participants of the Canada Start Up Visa program, Empowered Startups has partnered with a number of organizations to make their start up experience smoother.

$15K Credits for Canada Start Up Visa Program

There can be so many tasks to check off the list when you’re starting your own business – getting documents signed, building reports, marketing, sales, and so much more. Empowered Startups has built partnerships to provide discounts and free credits to several top-rated tools and services, with more than $15K available to tap into.

Let Empowered Startups Connect the Dots

Whether you need an all-in-one CRM solution like HubSpot, project management software like Asana, or help finding the right work-life balance through RescueTime, all entrepreneurs participating in the Canada Start Up Visa program through Empowered Startups will have access to these great deals.

Start Your Life in Canada with the Start Up Visa Program

There are so many amazing benefits to starting a life, and launching your business, in Canada. Through the Start Up Visa program with Empowered Startups, participants will have the support of Start Up Leaders and Mentors throughout the process. Leaders and Mentors are also working tirelessly to find new partners and opportunities for entrepreneurs to add to their experience in the Empowered Startups incubator.

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Source: Empowered Startups