Optiva Capital Aims for $5 Billion in Diaspora Investment

Optiva Capital Aims for $5 Billion in Diaspora Investment

[By: Seyi John Salau] – Optiva Capital Partners Limited, a leading company in investment immigration and wealth management, has recently declared its ambitious goal of attracting approximately $5 billion from the diaspora community. This initiative aims to direct these funds into profitable investments with substantial returns.

Optiva Capital’s Strategy and New Product Launch

1. Nurturing Diaspora Funds for Investment

Franklin Nechi, the chairman of Optiva Capital Partners, highlighted the significance of Nigeria’s diaspora funds, among the top five globally, amounting to about $100 billion annually. Optiva Capital aims to leverage its robust structure, infrastructure, and wealth management expertise to channel 5% of these funds into fruitful investments. These investments are intended to provide substantial returns for Nigerians living abroad.

2. Launching Diaspora Investor Direct Investment (DIDI)

The company also announced introducing a new product, Diaspora Investor Direct Investment (DIDI). This initiative is designed to attract diaspora funds for investment in Nigeria. DIDI addresses the concerns of Nigerians abroad who are hesitant to send money home due to fears of fraud. By providing a trustworthy platform, Optiva Capital bridges this gap, ensuring safe and efficient investment channels for the diaspora.

Implementation and Services of DIDI

  1. Modalities and Services

During a media event for senior editors, Nechi outlined the operational modalities of DIDI. The service focuses on assisting Nigerians abroad in investing in various projects such as property development, farming, and small-scale manufacturing. Optiva Capital facilitates these investments by offering services like land acquisition, title registration, and business setup.

2. End-to-End Management and Security of Investments

Optiva Capital has established comprehensive structures to assist the diaspora in managing their investments in Nigeria. The company emphasizes the safety and security of funds and investments, positioning DIDI as a key initiative to bring about $5 billion in investments to the country.

Optiva Capital’s Commitment to Service Excellence

Nechi stressed the importance of exceptional service delivery, which is central to Optiva Capital’s philosophy. The company’s bespoke end-to-end services are designed to provide top-tier investment immigration and investment services to its discerning clients.

The launch of Optiva Capital Partners’ investment services aligns with the company’s commitment to protecting and enhancing its clients’ wealth. Nechi also announced a national partnership agreement with Polaris Bank Limited, indicating Optiva’s expansion and dedication to extending its services across the nation.

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