Pandoshi (PAMBO) Presale Phase 3 Concludes, Surpasses $2 Million in Funding

Pandoshi (PAMBO) Presale Phase 3 Concludes, Surpasses $2 Million in Funding

Pandoshi (PAMBO), a dynamic new entrant in the cryptocurrency market, has recently hit a major milestone by successfully completing the third phase of its presale, amassing over $2 million in the process. This impressive feat is a clear indicator of the growing trust and enthusiasm from investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are eagerly supporting this burgeoning digital currency.

Pandoshi stands out due to its unique approach to decentralized finance (DeFi) and the solid backing it receives from its ever-expanding community. These factors combine to position Pandoshi as a potential major disruptor in the cryptocurrency sector.

The Backbone of Pandoshi: Innovations and Community Involvement

Gaining rapid traction in the crypto world, Pandoshi has captured the attention of many by raising a significant sum in a short period. This not only reflects the market’s confidence in the project but also highlights Pandoshi’s commitment to the fundamental principles of blockchain technology – decentralization, privacy, and economic empowerment of users.

At its core, Pandoshi offers a diverse and robust ecosystem. It operates on a Layer-2 network using the Proof of Stake protocol, encompassing a decentralized exchange (DEX), a secure wallet controlled by users, Metaverse gaming, and educational initiatives like Pandoshi University. Additionally, it introduces cryptocurrency-friendly prepaid cards, simplifying the management of crypto assets globally without the need for extensive Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures.

Pandoshi’s presale is divided into five phases, with the fourth phase currently underway. The price of tokens in this phase is $0.008, set to increase to $0.01 in the next phase. The PAMBO token is integral to the Pandoshi ecosystem, being utilized across various platforms like PandaChain, the Metaverse Game, and Pandoshi University.

To enhance its value, Pandoshi implements a buy-and-burn strategy through PandoshiSwap and Cardoshi. As part of this strategy, PAMBO, a deflationary token, undergoes a systematic buy-and-burn process until 80% of its total supply is eliminated. It can be acquired directly or through participation in Pandoshi’s activities.

Governance and Future Prospects in the Pandoshi Ecosystem

In addition to the PAMBO token, Pandoshi introduces the BAMBOO token for governance purposes. This token grants the community a say in the project’s direction. BAMBOO is an inflationary token with no maximum supply limit and can be obtained through staking PAMBO tokens. Staking results in Shares that are proportional to the amount staked, ensuring equitable and decentralized distribution of influence. BAMBOO tokens used for governance are retired permanently, emphasizing their unique role in decision-making. Beyond governance, BAMBOO tokens offer trading flexibility, adding to their utility within the Pandoshi ecosystem.

As the presale wraps up, PAMBO is gearing up for its introduction on major decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, with plans to be listed on centralized exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase. The launch on these platforms is anticipated to positively influence PAMBO’s price, attracting new investors to buy the token at the public offering rate.