PaySaxas Launching, Offers Global Payments, Provides Unique Solutions to Import Export Market

PaySaxas Launching, Offers Global Payments, Provides Unique Solutions to Import Export Market

In a significant development for the global trade and finance sector, PaySaxas has officially announced its entry into the cross-border transaction industry from its base in Vancouver, Canada. As of April 05, 2024, PaySaxas has positioned itself as a game-changer by launching a global payments platform.

That caters specifically to the needs of the international trade market, including a distinctive in-house crypto Over-the-Counter (OTC) service. This innovative approach aims to streamline the complexities of international transactions, providing both traditional and crypto payment solutions under one umbrella.

PaySaxas – Global Trade Focused Features

The PaySaxas Smart Payments Platform introduces an array of features meticulously designed to meet the longstanding demands of the global trade industry. At the heart of its service offering is integrating messenger financial services, a forward-looking approach.

That facilitates direct and immediate communication between relationship managers and clients through the client’s preferred messaging platform. This eradicates the conventional barriers of support tickets and long waiting times, ensuring that decisions are made swiftly and efficiently.

1. Messenger Financial Services

By prioritizing customer interaction through direct messaging, PaySaxas ensures that every client has immediate access to a decision-maker, drastically reducing the response time and enhancing the overall customer experience. This personal touch in digital finance fosters a deeper understanding of client needs and offers tailored solutions in real-time.

2. Payment Cancellation Window

Recognizing the dynamic nature of international trade, PaySaxas introduces a payment cancellation window, allowing for the recall of transactions within a specified timeframe. This flexibility is invaluable for businesses navigating the fast-paced and often unpredictable global market, providing a safety net for transactions that may need to be adjusted or canceled due to changing circumstances.

3. In-House Crypto OTC Service

The platform’s in-house crypto OTC service facilitates seamless crypto payments with instant conversion to fiat currencies. This service is a boon for international traders looking to leverage cryptocurrencies’ speed and global reach without the volatility typically associated with crypto markets. Coupled with stringent KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) screening processes, PaySaxas ensures a secure, compliant, and efficient transaction environment.

Currencies and Features

PaySaxas’s global payments platform supports a wide array of currencies, including USD, USDT, EUR, JPY, GBP, among other leading digital and fiat currencies. This versatility is pivotal in catering to the diverse needs of the global trading community, ensuring that clients can easily transact in their currency of choice.

The platform’s commitment to low fees and a robust correspondent network further solidifies its position as a formidable player in the market, poised to introduce even more innovative features and services in the near future.

Industry Depth and Knowledge

With dual authorization as an MSB (Money Services Business) in Canada and a crypto service provider in Lithuania, PaySaxas is uniquely equipped to bridge the gap between traditional fiat and emerging crypto markets.

The platform’s multilingual support and a team of experts versed in the nuances of global trade underscore its capability to simplify complex transactions, making international trade more accessible and less cumbersome for businesses focused on growth and revenue.

About PaySaxas

PaySaxas transcends the typical definition of a payments platform to become a strategic partner in the true sense. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, safety, and security, the platform is dedicated to transforming its users’ transactional experience. As PaySaxas continues to unveil new features, it invites businesses worldwide to join its platform and experience a new paradigm in global trade payments, where convenience and cutting-edge technology converge to redefine efficiency.


As international trade evolves, the need for innovative, reliable, and flexible payment solutions becomes ever more critical. PaySaxas’s launch marks a significant milestone in meeting this need, offering services designed to streamline global transactions.

With its unique blend of traditional and crypto payment options, customer-centric features like messenger financial services, and payment cancellation windows, PaySaxas is poised to profoundly impact the global payment landscape, heralding a new era of efficiency and connectivity in international trade.