QuantumDiamonds Raises €7M Seed Funding for Quantum Sensing Technology

QuantumDiamonds, a quantum sensing company, has announced the raise of €7 million in Seed funding led by IQ Capital and Earlybird. The company develops atom-sized quantum sensors that enable non-destructive, nano-scale imaging of magnetic fields, with applications across various industries, including semiconductor manufacturing and medical diagnostics.

QuantumDiamonds produces its core technology with defects in synthetic diamonds known as nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers. These defects are then manipulated to detect and measure physical quantities with precision. This opens a previously untapped area of sensing technology and allows for highly sensitive measurements at atomic and molecular levels.

The company already has a working prototype and will use the investment to hire more quantum engineers as it moves towards building its first commercial product. QuantumDiamonds is currently testing with four of the world’s top 10 semiconductor manufacturers. Their technology has additional applications in medical diagnostics and battery development industries.

IQ Capital, Earlybird, Onsight Ventures, First Momentum, Creator Fund, UnternehmerTUM, and various angel investors from the semiconductor industry have invested €3 million together, while the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator and the Bavarian state are providing €4 million in grant funding.