Revamping Canada Post’s IT Framework for Enhanced Canadian Services

Revamping Canada Post's IT Framework for Enhanced Canadian Services

Canada Post is on a mission to revamp its information technology (IT) infrastructure. This transformation aims to align with the evolving demands of Canadians and businesses, particularly in the dynamic world of parcel delivery. By updating their IT model, Canada Post is setting itself up to continue its leadership in an ever-changing market.

Strategic Collaboration with Deloitte Canada

The journey towards technological advancement has led Canada Post to partner with Deloitte Canada, a recognized leader in IT solutions. This strategic move involves transitioning their IT shared-service provider, Innovapost, to Deloitte.

This change is pivotal, especially considering the expected doubling of ecommerce in Canada over the next decade. This partnership is crucial for Canada Post to deliver digital products and services efficiently, keeping it as an essential economic link nationwide.

Doug Ettinger, President and CEO of Canada Post, highlights the significance of this transformation. He emphasizes that this change is not just about enhancing strategic focus but also about securing top-tier expertise to serve Canadians effectively.

Similarly, Anthony Viel, CEO at Deloitte Canada, expresses enthusiasm for providing strategic support to Canada Post. He emphasizes their commitment to driving innovation and helping Canada Post stay competitive in a technologically disruptive landscape.

Introducing a New CIO Organization

In this transformation, Canada Post retains essential expertise from Innovapost. Franco Chirichella, President and CEO of Innovapost, will take the helm as Canada Post’s new Chief Information Officer. He, along with a team of former Innovapost leaders, will bring strategic leadership and agility to Canada Post’s IT initiatives. This move ensures that innovations reach customers faster and more efficiently.

Building a Strategic Partnership for Operational Excellence

Under the new agreement, Deloitte will handle Canada Post’s day-to-day IT operational services. This integration of talent and technology is designed to ensure seamless services for Canadians and businesses. This collaboration is a blend of talent, technology, and business acumen, aiming for superior outcomes and growth in competitive markets.

Background and Future Outlook

Innovapost, located in Ottawa, has been an integral partner for the Canada Post Group of Companies. However, a detailed examination revealed that the current shared-service model lacked the necessary speed and agility for current and future market competition. The agreement with Deloitte, following a comprehensive selection process, is set to close in the coming months, subject to standard closing conditions.

This transformation marks a significant milestone for Canada Post. It promises to equip the organization with world-class IT support and expertise, essential for delivering enhanced services to Canadians and Canadian businesses. Importantly, the operations of the Canada Post Group of Companies are not funded by taxpayer dollars but through revenue from their products and services.