Shop the Best Black Friday Tire Deals from Walmart and Save Up to $250 Off on New Wheels

As the calendar pages flip closer to the end of November, anticipation builds for the biggest shopping extravaganza of the year, Black Friday. This annual shopping phenomenon, known for its incredible deals and discounts, has shoppers eagerly waiting to snag products at the lowest prices. The sales, traditionally beginning on the day after Thanksgiving, now stretch beyond, with many retailers launching their discounts well in advance.

This season presents a golden opportunity for those in the market for automotive care, particularly tires. Leading the charge with some of the most enticing offers are retail giants Walmart and Tire Rack, whose Black Friday tire deals are already making waves online. Whether you’re preparing for winter’s icy grip with a new set of winter tires or simply looking to upgrade your wheels, the promotions available could lead to substantial savings.


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Importance of This Sale for Winter Preparedness

In many parts of North America, preparing your vehicle for winter is not just a recommendation; it’s a necessity. The right set of winter tires can distinguish between a safe journey and a perilous one when the roads are covered in snow and ice.

Black Friday offers a timely opportunity to invest in quality tires without straining your wallet. Retailers like Walmart and Tire Rack are leading the charge, providing many options to suit various needs and preferences, from all-season traction to off-road durability and performance-enhancing capabilities.

Walmart Black Friday Tire Deals

Walmart’s Black Friday tire specials feature a broad selection of brands and sizes at significant discounts. Here are some highlights:

  • Michelin Defender 2 All Season P235/55R17 99H Passenger Tire for $126, saving you $87.99.
  • Cooper Evolution HT2 265/65R18 114T All-Season Tire at $125, with a $30 discount.
  • Goodyear Reliant All-Season 215/55R17 94V All-Season Tire for a mere $77, offering a saving of $30.
  • Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T All Terrain LT305/55R20 121/118S E Light Truck Tire priced at $243.83, $48.08 off the original price.
  • Raceline Matrix Silver 16X7 5X100/5X114.3 +40mm Wheel, suitable for select Honda Civic and Toyota Prius models, at $135.15, reflecting a $49.85 saving.

These deals underscore Walmart’s commitment to offering competitive prices on high-quality tires, making vehicle maintenance more affordable for everyone.

Tire Rack Black Friday Tire Deals

Tire Rack complements Walmart’s offerings with its own array of Black Friday tire promotions, including:

  • Continental Tire offering a rebate of up to $220.
  • BFGoodrich Tires presenting buyers with a chance to get back up to $100.
  • Michelin Tires also offering a rebate of up to $100.
  • Pirelli Tires providing an instant rebate of up to $120 plus a mail-in rebate of up to $80.
  • Goodyear Tires going big with a rebate of up to $250.

Tire Rack makes it easy to navigate these deals through a dedicated Black Friday section on their website. The “shop by vehicle” tool is particularly helpful, allowing customers to find exactly what they need for their specific vehicle model and make.

Additional Recommendations

Beyond tires, this Black Friday is ripe with deals for car enthusiasts and those looking to enhance their garage or vehicle’s capabilities:

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  • Best dash cams for 2023: Keep a vigilant eye on your journeys.
  • Best portable air compressors for 2023: Ensure your tires always have the right pressure.
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  • Best van and SUV ladder racks of 2023: Enhance your vehicle’s cargo capacity.

These recommendations reflect the broad spectrum of automotive products on sale, extending the scope of Black Friday deals beyond just tires.

Comprehensive Shopping Guides

To navigate the extensive range of Black Friday deals, various platforms are providing curated lists and guides to help shoppers:

  • Yahoo’s Black Friday coverage: A comprehensive guide to all things Black Friday, including a wide array of products and deals.
  • Engadget for Black Friday tech deals: The go-to place
  • for technology enthusiasts looking for the latest gadgets and electronics at discounted prices.
  • In The Know for Black Friday trends: This site offers insights into the latest shopping trends, helping you find deals on trendy items before they sell out.
  • AOL’s handpicked Black Friday sales: Features a selection of deals across various categories, carefully chosen for their value.

Following these guides can provide a strategic advantage in planning your Black Friday shopping, ensuring you make the most informed decisions and snag the best deals available.


The anticipation for Black Friday is well justified, with deals like those from Walmart and Tire Rack showcasing the substantial savings available on tires and wheels. These promotions not only offer the chance to prepare your vehicle for the winter season but also present an opportunity to upgrade your ride with high-quality tires at a fraction of their regular price.

As you navigate through the plethora of Black Friday deals, remember the importance of acting fast to take advantage of the limited-time offers and ensure your vehicle is equipped to handle whatever the road may bring. With a little preparation and the right deals, this Black Friday could be the perfect time to invest in your vehicle’s performance and safety, securing peace of mind for the season ahead.