Showcasing Canada’s Top Startup Employers of 2024

Showcasing Canada's Top Startup Employers of 2024

Humanizing Tech: Laivly’s Employee-Centric Culture

In the heart of Winnipeg, a tech startup named Laivly is shattering the stereotype of cold, unfeeling tech companies. Laivly, pronounced like ‘lively’, is a place where teamwork and kindness are as important as technology. “Our approach is human-first,” says the company’s creative vice president, Simon Burgess. This ethos isn’t just evident in their AI-driven solutions for customer service centers; it’s a part of their daily office life. Burgess notes, “Caring for customers and treating our team well is what we’re all about. This attitude shapes our workforce and leadership style.”

At Laivly, it is paramount to foster a sense of connection among its 152 staff members, whether remotely or at the office. They’ve even appointed a culture specialist to ensure everyone feels part of the Laivly family. Regular team-building activities, like catered lunches every Wednesday and group outings to Marvel movie premieres, add to the sense of community.

But it’s not all play; at Laivly, employees are provided opportunities for personal and professional growth, including courses and mentorship. They’re encouraged to be bold and innovative, creating an environment where risk-taking is supported. This unique blend of fun, growth, and innovation landed Laivly the No. 2 spot on the list of Canada’s Best Startup Employers for 2024.

Forbes and Statista’s Inaugural List

This inaugural list showcases the top 200 Canadian startups that shine in employee satisfaction—a remarkable achievement given the current economic climate. In partnership with market research firm Statista, Forbes selected these standouts from an initial pool of 1,500 companies. To be considered, startups had to have a minimum of 10 employees, be founded between 2014 and 2021, and not be publicly traded.

The rigorous evaluation focused on three key areas: employer reputation, employee satisfaction, and growth. Employer reputation was gauged through a detailed analysis of articles, blogs, and social media posts. Employee satisfaction was assessed by looking at staff retention, online reviews, and the benefits listed on company websites. Growth was measured by website traffic, headcount, and job listings. These factors culminated to the final list of 200 exceptional startups.

The Top and the Noteworthy

Taking the coveted No. 1 spot is Moov AI, a Montreal-based innovator in customized AI solutions for businesses. The company is known for its progressive work culture, including a hybrid/remote work model, flexible scheduling, self-managed days off, and a philosophy that puts family first.

Ranking third is Operto Guest Technologies from Vancouver, a startup revolutionizing the hospitality and property management sectors. Operto stands out for its emphasis on employee well-being, offering career development programs, mental health support, social events, a pet-friendly office, and a well-stocked kitchen.

These companies, along with the others on the list, demonstrate that success in the startup world is not just about innovative ideas, but also about creating a workplace where employees thrive.