Sodexo UK & Ireland: Surpassing Milestones on the Path to Net Zero by 2040

Sodexo UK & Ireland Surpassing Milestones on the Path to Net Zero by 2040

Sodexo UK & Ireland, a renowned workplace services provider, has recently made a significant leap forward in its environmental commitments. Achieving a remarkable 37% decrease in absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from its 2017 levels, the company is well on its way to hitting its net zero target by 2040.

Significant Strides in Emission Reduction

This commendable reduction equates to approximately 400,000 tonnes of carbon (tCO2e) being eliminated from Sodexo’s carbon footprint as of 31 May 2023. These figures encompass the entirety of the company’s activities in the UK and Ireland, including direct operations, client site activities, and supply chain impacts.

Originally, to stay on track with its net zero transition plan, Sodexo aimed for a 25.5% reduction in GHG emissions by the end of FY23. However, the company has surpassed this target, achieving a 37% decrease, which lowers its carbon footprint to 689,172tCO2e.

Key Initiatives and Achievements

In its journey towards sustainability, Sodexo has implemented several key initiatives. The reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions, which include emissions under Sodexo’s direct control, was achieved through a 50% decrease. This was made possible by joining the Climate Group’s RE100, committing to

100% renewable energy purchases, and transitioning to hybrid and electric vehicles. In the last year alone, 96% of Sodexo’s energy purchases were renewable.

In terms of Scope 3 emissions, which are outside of Sodexo’s direct control, the company has achieved a 36% reduction. This success is attributed to strategies like the net zero supply chain engagement strategy, a commitment to sustainable food options, and a robust food waste prevention program.

Future Goals and Challenges

Sodexo’s journey is far from over. The company has set ambitious forest, land, and agriculture (FLAG) science-based targets – aiming for a 40% absolute GHG emissions reduction by 2030 and a 72% reduction by 2040. Sean Haley, the CEO of Sodexo UK & Ireland, reflects on the journey since 2010, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging the progress made and the confidence this builds in achieving their future goals.

Claire Atkins Morris, Sodexo’s Sustainability Director, acknowledges the complexity of striving for net zero. With a continuously changing external environment, the company has learned to be flexible, reallocating resources from their 2025 carbon-neutral target to more impactful decarbonization projects.

Sodexo in Ireland, as part of the global Sodexo Group, contributes significantly to improving the quality of life across various sectors, employing around 2100 people in Ireland and Northern Ireland.