Stratos Wealth Partners LTD Reduces Stake in Davis Select International ETF by 770 Shares

Stratos Wealth Partners LTD Reduces Stake in Davis Select International ETF by 770 Shares

Overview of Stratos Wealth Partners’ Recent Transactions

Stratos Wealth Partners LTD, a prominent investment firm, recently reported a decrease in its investment in the Davis Select International ETF. According to its latest 13F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the company reduced its stake by 5.9% during the third quarter. This sale involved parting with 770 shares, leaving Stratos Wealth Partners LTD with 12,216 shares in the ETF. The value of these holdings was estimated to be around $218,000 at the close of the reporting period.

Activities of Other Hedge Funds in Davis Select International ETF

The Davis Select International ETF investment landscape has seen various activities from different hedge funds. For instance, Morgan Stanley significantly bolstered its position in the ETF, showing a notable increase of 32.5% in the fourth quarter. This increase translated to Morgan Stanley owning a total of 717,299 shares, valued at approximately $12,675,000, after acquiring an additional 175,974 shares.

Bank of America Corp DE also demonstrated a substantial interest in Davis Select International ETF, with a massive increase of 1,812.1% in their holdings during the first quarter. Following this increase, their total share count stood at 182,678, valued at around $3,356,000.

Sebold Capital Management Inc. also adjusted its investment in the ETF, albeit more modestly. The company increased its stake by 5.6% in the third quarter, resulting in ownership of 87,439 shares, worth about $1,561,000.

Royal Bank of Canada and Orion Portfolio Solutions LLC have both raised their stakes in the ETF. Royal Bank of Canada upped its investment by 11.1% in the second quarter, reaching 65,113 shares valued at $1,227,000. In a similar vein, Orion Portfolio Solutions LLC nearly doubled its stake by 109.6% during the second quarter, owning 62,931 shares worth $1,186,000.