Top 3 Split Stocks with Potential 50% Growth in 2024, Says Wall Street

Top 3 Split Stocks with Potential 50% Growth in 2024, Says Wall Street

[By John Ballard, Jeremy Bowman, and Jennifer Saibil] – Investing in stocks can be complex, but it’s always intriguing when Wall Street points out promising opportunities. In 2024, three companies that have undergone stock splits are catching the attention of investors for their potential to soar up to 50%. These companies aren’t just riding the wave of their split; they have solid foundations and promising futures.

The Allure of Amazon

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, is no stranger to success. It’s not just their vast online marketplace that keeps them ahead, but also their cloud computing arm, Amazon Web Services (AWS). Despite facing challenges in recent years, Amazon emerged stronger with significant growth, especially in e-commerce. Their focus on efficiency, such as optimizing their distribution network and job restructuring, positions them well as inflation slows and consumer spending increases.

AI is another frontier where Amazon is excelling. The introduction of powerful AI tools in AWS and their use in e-commerce and advertising is a testament to their innovation. Amazon is on a steady upward trajectory with a 26% increase in advertising sales and an overall company growth of 13% in the third quarter of 2023. Wall Street analysts predict a potential rise in Amazon’s stock by 17% to 50% in the next 12 to 18 months, depending on its performance in 2024.

Celsius Holdings: The Rising Star

Celsius Holdings, the emerging energy drink brand, has shown remarkable progress with a 4,500% return over five years. Their 3-for-1 stock split in November is a sign of their success. The company credits its impressive 104% growth in revenue to increased product availability and brand awareness, bolstered by a strategic partnership with PepsiCo.

Wall Street is optimistic about Celsius’ future, especially its expansion into new markets like Canada. Analysts see a potential 41% upside in its stock price, supported by its high forward price-to-earnings ratio and expected annual earnings growth of 55% over the next five years. Celsius is a shining example for investors looking for promising consumer brands in their nascent stages.

Nike: The Evergreen Choice

Nike stands as a testament to enduring success in the sportswear industry. Despite recent challenges in the apparel sector and discretionary spending, Nike remains a solid bet for long-term growth. With a history of stock splits and a 61% share increase since its last split in 2015, Nike is a favorite among Wall Street analysts. They predict a 19% gain in its shares this year, backed by 20 out of 30 analysts rating it as a buy.

Despite a 42% drop from its peak in 2021, Nike showed resilience by improving its earnings per share by 21% while boosting gross margins. Nike is poised for a robust comeback as the economy recovers and with the potential aid of lower interest rates.


These three companies Amazon, Celsius Holdings, and Nike – are not just about stock splits; they’re about strong fundamentals, innovative strategies, and substantial growth potential. For investors looking for promising picks in 2024, these stocks offer a blend of stability and exciting upside.