US$2.85 – That’s What Analysts Think Blend Labs, Inc. (NYSE:BLND) Is Worth After These Results

US$2.85 - That's What Analysts Think Blend Labs, Inc. (NYSEBLND) Is Worth After These Results

In the wake of Blend Labs, Inc.’s (NYSE:BLND) latest annual results announcement, shareholders are treading through a mix of expectations and market reactions. The fintech company’s shares dipped by 9.4% to US$2.81 shortly after disclosing its financial performance

Which, despite meeting revenue forecasts at US$157 million, also confirmed a statutory loss of US$0.76 per share. This situation presents a crucial juncture for investors, as it offers a moment to evaluate the company’s recent achievements against its future trajectory, especially in light of analysts’ updated forecasts.

Analysis of Annual Results

Blend Labs’ revenue might appear as a silver lining amidst its reported losses, aligning perfectly with forecasts. However, the statutory loss of US$0.76 per share, while anticipated, underscores the hurdles the company faces. These figures do more than just summarize a fiscal year; they reflect the ongoing challenges and the resilience needed to overcome them.

Forecast and Analyst Expectations

Revenue and Earnings Projections

The consensus among six analysts pegs Blend Labs’ 2024 revenue at US$166.4 million, hinting at a modest 6.1% growth year-over-year. More striking, though, is the forecasted shrinkage in loss per share, expected to narrow by 57% to US$0.32. This projection came despite previous anticipation of US$178.4 million in revenue and a US$0.36 loss per share, indicating a slight dip in revenue expectations but a more optimistic outlook on profitability.

Analyst Consensus and Price Target Adjustments

The adjustment of the consensus price target to US$2.85, up 19%, reflects a growing optimism among analysts. They foresee the company’s losses dwindling more significantly than previously thought. The range of estimates, from a bullish US$3.50 to a conservative US$2.00 per share, suggests a consensus that, while varied, leans towards a cautiously optimistic valuation of Blend Labs.

Industry Context and Comparative Analysis

Revenue Growth in Context

When placed in the broader industry landscape, Blend Labs’ expected revenue growth appears to lag, especially when contrasted with the industry’s average annual growth rate of 12%. This forecast of 6.1% growth until the end of 2024 marks a deceleration from the company’s historical growth rate of 10% per annum over the past three years.

Industry Growth Rates

The comparison becomes even more stark against an industry forecasted to expand its revenue at a 12% yearly rate. It’s evident that while Blend Labs is poised for growth, it might not keep pace with the broader industry’s acceleration.

The Bottom Line

Despite the recent adjustments to revenue estimates, analysts have left their loss forecasts for the next year unchanged. This suggests a belief in the company’s capacity to significantly trim losses, even if its revenue growth does not exceed the industry average. Despite the foreseen revenue downturn, the uplift in the price target to US$2.85 underscores a recognition of the company’s potential to enhance its intrinsic value.

Long-Term Prospects

Looking beyond the immediate fiscal year into Blend Labs’ future, the long-term outlook becomes paramount. Analyst forecasts extending to 2026, available for more nuanced analysis, suggest a belief in the company’s underlying value proposition and its ability to navigate through short-term volatilities.

Concerns and Warnings

However, investors should not overlook the warning signs. A detailed examination reveals three significant concerns that could impact Blend Labs’ trajectory. These indicators warrant close monitoring as they could influence the company’s ability to fulfill its long-term potential.


While the drop in Blend Labs’ stock price following its annual results might dishearten some investors, a deeper dive into the analysts’ forecasts reveals a more nuanced picture. The adjusted revenue expectations, coupled with a more optimistic outlook on the company’s ability to reduce its losses, suggest that Blend Labs may be on a path to recovery.

The company’s valuation, now pegged at US$2.85 by analysts, reflects this cautiously optimistic stance. As Blend Labs navigates its way forward, its long-term prospects, underpinned by strategic adjustments and operational improvements, will be critical to watch.

For investors and stakeholders, the unfolding story of Blend Labs Inc. serves as a reminder of the complexities inherent in the tech-driven financial services sector. As the company strives to align its performance with the evolving market dynamics, its journey offers valuable insights into resilience, adaptation, and the continuous pursuit of growth.