Virginia Woman Wins $1M, Her Second Big Lottery Jackpot

Virginia Woman Wins $1M, Her Second Big Lottery Jackpot

Winning the lottery once is a dream for many, but lightning has struck twice for Gayla Guishard of Smithfield, Virginia. Guishard recently secured a $1 million jackpot from a Virginia Millions scratch-off ticket in an extraordinary display of luck. This win comes just three years after she collected a $100,000 prize from Virginia’s New Year’s Millionaire Raffle in 2021, marking her second major lottery victory in a relatively short span.

Introduction to Gayla Guishard’s Win

Gayla Guishard’s story is one of incredible fortune and timing. Her recent million-dollar jackpot has made her a two-time lottery winner, a rarity in the world of lottery games. Her first win, a substantial $100,000 from the New Year’s Millionaire Raffle, was life-changing. However, this second win elevates her status to that of a lottery legend in Virginia.

Details of the Win

The ticket that would seal Guishard’s fate was purchased at the Race Way station on Carrollton Boulevard in Isle of Wight County. Opting for a Virginia Millions scratch-off ticket, Guishard was hopeful but could never have anticipated the outcome. When she scratched off the ticket to reveal the $1 million prize, the moment of realization was sheer disbelief and joy.

“I just kind of screamed,” Guishard recounted. The excitement was palpable, and it wasn’t a solitary celebration. “We were all in there screaming,” she added, indicating that the moment of victory was shared with others present, turning it into an unforgettable experience.

Reaction at the Store

The uproar caused by Guishard’s win was not contained within the walls of the Race Way station. The commotion was such that it piqued the curiosity of passersby and those in the vicinity, leading them to rush into the store to find out what had happened. “We said, ‘Nothing,’ and we got really quiet,” Guishard explained, depicting a scene where joy momentarily turned into a mysterious hush, adding to the overall excitement and intrigue of the situation.

Previous Lottery Success

Gayla Guishard’s first brush with lottery success came in 2021 when she won $100,000 from Virginia’s New Year’s Millionaire Raffle. This initial win set the stage for her latest triumph and serves as a testament to her incredible luck. Winning significant amounts in lottery draws is an exceedingly rare event, and Guishard’s ability to do so twice highlights a remarkable turn of fortune.

Plans for the Winnings

Despite the life-altering sum of money, Guishard has remained tight-lipped about her immediate plans for the winnings. The decision on how to utilize such a substantial amount is significant and often requires careful consideration and planning. Whether she chooses to invest, save, or spend the money, there’s no doubt that this win opens up a plethora of options for her future.


Gayla Guishard’s story is a beacon of hope and excitement for lottery enthusiasts everywhere. Her remarkable achievement of winning significant lottery prizes twice is a rare feat that underscores the unpredictable nature of luck and fortune. As she navigates the possibilities opened up by her latest win, one thing is for certain: her name will be remembered in Virginia lottery history as a symbol of extraordinary luck and joyous celebration.