Women in Business: Breaking Barriers and Starting Strong

Women in Business Breaking Barriers and Starting Strong

The entrepreneurial landscape is shifting, and women are leading the trend. Female founders are making strides in the business world despite facing additional hurdles in the past. According to a recent report by Gusto, women accounted for almost half of new entrepreneurs, jumping from 29% in 2019 to 47% in 2020. This trend has remained steady, with women making up 49% of new business owners in 2021 and 47% in 2022.

However, a funding gap still exists, with only 2.1% of venture capital investments in the US going to businesses founded solely by women in 2022. Female founders still face discrimination in fundraising, with investors asking questions that their male counterparts wouldn’t be asked.

Despite these challenges, female founders believe the landscape is improving, with more investors expected to invest in female-led startups. Olivia Cotes-James, founder of menstrual health startup Luüna, notes that “supporting women” and “supporting female founders” can provide opportunities but can also skim over deeper-rooted issues.

Women are breaking stereotypes that they are not as driven as men in building companies, with female-led startups like Nola Technologies and Luüna gaining attention for their innovative solutions and growth. Women are just as ambitious and capable as their male counterparts.

The trend toward more women in entrepreneurship is here to stay, and female founders are willing to fight for their businesses, dreams, and mission. However, it can be harder for them to be heard, so the journey continues. The entrepreneurial landscape may still have room for improvement, but women are breaking down barriers and starting strong.

It’s an amazing time to be a woman in business. Despite facing challenges, women show strength and resilience in the business world. The trend towards more female entrepreneurs is steady, and with more awareness and support, the funding gap may one day be a thing of the past.

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