Domonique Brown

Meet Domonique Brown, the creative brain behind DomoINK, a brand that uses clothing, accessories, and art to celebrate diversity, strength, and empowerment.

From working 80 hours a week in her two marketing job roles in 2020 to starting a business that makes $22,000 monthly in passive income with just two hours of work each day.

Domonique had claimed to have lacked the motivation and confidence to follow her passion for art earlier because she believed there was no space for black artists like her. Her lack of networks also discouraged her.

She knew her heart belonged to art and wouldn’t let anything come between her and her passion. So Domonique leaped and started DomoINK, now a successful home and art decor brand, as a side hustle.

Source: DomoINK

When she noticed a lack of work by black artists or art featuring black subjects in affordable big retailer storefronts, she began posting her work for sale on her website and social media.

Although she was expecting minimal traction, things took a different turn. Between 2020 and 2021, DomoINK’s revenue grew by 300%. To date, the business has earned over $500,000.

Source: DomoINK

Wondering how Domonique could stay productive and achieve this while juggling her full-time remote job as an interactive designer and DomoINK? 

Domonique says she gets creative on Mondays with social media contents, Tuesdays for getting down into business and editing, dedicating her Wednesdays to bringing freshly created artworks to life, and spends most of Thursdays developing and learning new skills as well as taking in motivations.

She considers her weekends to be sacred. Domonique understands the value and importance of unwinding, relaxing, and recharging her creative batteries. It’s all about balance, flexibility, and adaptability.

Source: DomoINK

Dominique has a real passion for art that sometimes goes beyond her personal art pieces; she is more about collaboration, uplifting, and encouraging other artists. She is promoting her message widely by working with well-known companies like Disney, Samsung, Lowe’s, and Dr. Martens to feature in Target’s Black History Month collection.

Domonique dreams big, aiming to have her art exhibited in museums one day. Growing up, she rarely saw work from black artists in galleries, and she’s determined to change that narrative. She’s not just chasing her dreams; she’s paving the way and setting an example for future generations of black creatives.

Source: Fortune 

Keep Domonique’s path in mind the next time you’re feeling uninspired or stuck. From hustling in the corporate world to building her own business, she’s proof that anyone can achieve anything with passion, persistence, and creativity.

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