How Jayson Siu Turned $300 Into a $38K/Day Empire

Would you have thought that a $300 investment in a vinyl printer could pave the way to a million-dollar business? That’s exactly what Jayson Siu, a college junior at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, accomplished with his innovative approach to car accessories.

 Jayson didn’t let his status as a college junior hinder his entrepreneurial journey….

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He saw an opportunity in starting a small business in college and took it – and thereby turned a modest investment into a thriving business.

Jayson’s Background and Early Steps into Entrepreneurship

Let’s take a step back and begin with how it all started: Jayson’s journey into business began quite unassumingly. While working a valet job in high school, he was driven by a passion for car accessories.

Nothing fancy kick-started his venture – just $300 saved up, which he used to buy a vinyl printer. With this, Jayson began creating custom stickers and selling them to his friends. This small step marked the start of what was to become a booming business. Reflecting on those days, Jayson shared with CNBC, “I started selling stickers for $3 to $5 apiece to my friends on Snapchat.”

The Viral Breakthrough

Picture this: It’s October 2021, and Jayson Siu hits a jackpot he never saw coming. He posts a TikTok video, a simple showcase of his LED-lined rearview mirror, and boom – it’s a viral sensation overnight.

Speaking about that whirlwind experience, Siu shared with CNBC, “I was completely unprepared.” Imagine waking up to find your creation has earned you $12,000 in just 24 hours. That’s exactly what happened to Siu.

Expanding the Business

Riding the wave of this unexpected success, Jayson didn’t just sit back. He grabbed a golden opportunity in creative business ideas for students. He expanded his offerings, while still keeping the crowd favorites – LED mirrors and stickers – in the spotlight.

A mix of his originality and a clever sense of what the market wanted led to his next big hit: an LED-backed light-up sticker. This new creation wasn’t just liked; it was loved, racking up over 9 million views. Siu recalls thinking, “I could be the one selling this,” after spotting a similar product online. It was this simple realization that set the stage for his growing enterprise.

Challenges and Adaptations

We often glamorize the road to a successful business in our heads. But the reality is different: Jayson Siu’s path to success wasn’t a straight line; it had its twists and turns.

Managing the Viral Wave

His TikTok video unexpectedly became a social media business success story in October 2021. Suddenly, he was hit with a tidal wave of orders. Jayson tells CNBC, “I was completely unprepared.” He found himself in a frenzied rush to Office Depot, spending countless hours printing and cutting labels.

This experience was more than just a busy day. It was a real eye-opener for Siu, that taught him a valuable lesson about being ready for the challenges and the success that might come knocking.

Tweaking the Social Media Strategy

After the viral high came a low, a slump in sales that led him to rethink his strategy. Speaking frankly, he admitted to CNBC, “I was wasting, like, thousands of dollars… I was barely breaking even, even losing money some months. It was super unmotivating.”

But Jayson didn’t throw in the towel. Instead, he shifted gears and redirected his marketing budget to more fruitful platforms like TikTok, Google, Facebook, and Instagram. This move was a game-changer. It enhanced the reach and impact of his ads. It was a pivotal moment in turning his low investment high return business ideas into reality.

Juggling Textbooks and Business Plans

At the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Jayson was not just any college junior; he was also the brain behind, one of the most profitable side hustles a student could imagine having. Jayson’s days were a careful balancing act: he scheduled all his classes before noon to free up his afternoons for the business. It was a tightrope walk between lectures and ledgers, a perfect example of how hard college side hustles really can be. It takes dedication and discipline, that’s for sure!

Speaking about the pressure, Jayson said, “I’m super stressed all the time. Now it really has to work.” It’s the kind of stress that brews when your dream starts turning into a reality faster than you anticipated.

Jayson’s Support System

Behind the scenes of was a support crew without whom the show might not have gone on – Jayson’s family. Initially, the hustle unfolded in the humble setting of his parents’ apartment in Honolulu. Here, his mom and girlfriend became his silent heroes. They helped manage and pack orders. This is a prime example of how turning a hobby into a business is possible with the right support.

What We Can Learn from Jayson Siu’s Story

We all love young entrepreneur success stories, don’t we? But Jayson’s accomplishments are more than just an inspiring story to listen to (and then quickly forget about). We can actually learn from what he did and use this knowledge to build our own successful business. How?

Being Flexible and Creative

Jayson Siu’s journey reminds us that in the world of entrepreneurship, being able to pivot and think outside the box is what counts. His ability to adapt to the unexpected and constantly bring fresh ideas to his products was key to keeping his business on the growth track. His story embodies the essence of creative business ideas for students and where they can lead.

The Strength in Having Back-Up

The story of is not just about Jayson; it’s also about the people who stood with him. His family and friends formed a support system that proved invaluable. This aspect of his journey shows us how important it is to have people who believe in you and your vision, especially when the going gets tough. Jayson’s journey is a classic case of new idea for new business taking off with the right support (friends, family, partners – the people who are really there for us).

Jayson Siu’s Blueprint for Success

Looking at Jayson Siu’s path, we see a vivid picture of what young entrepreneurship can look like: full of potential, yet requiring resilience and the ability to juggle multiple roles. His story is an inspiration.

And Jayson’s journey isn’t just a success story. It’s a roadmap for anyone dreaming of turning their vision into reality. It is a living example for those wondering “how can I make money online?” or looking for online side hustles. Jayson Siu is real-life proof (and a great example) of the power of digital marketing freelance work in the modern world.