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Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ll cover in today’s business AI special:

✔️ Discover how Joe Popelas turned AI into a million-dollar publishing venture.
✔️ Unearth the secrets behind Joe’s rapid shift from shelf-stacking to AI-generated ebook sales.
✔️ Have you ever thought of using AI for publishing? Joe did, and the results were astonishing.
✔️ Dive into the tech stack that powered Joe’s digital empire.
✔️From a $20 profit to a $930,000 business offer – journey with us through Joe’s meteoric rise.
✔️ Get Joe’s golden tips for mastering the AI-driven ebook market.


Hey Cashflowers,

This week, we came across this wild story of a uni student named Joe, who swapped his shelf-stacking job for a groundbreaking venture into AI-driven publishing.

This issue will pull back the curtain on his strategy, the unbelievable revenue he’s pulling, and even a sneak peek into the tech toolkit he swears by. Settle in because this one’s packed with lessons and inspiration.

The First eBook

From Stacking Shelves to AI Entrepreneur

Meet Joe Popelas, a computer science undergrad whose days were divided between intense coding sessions and a mundane shelf-stacking job.

But like every true entrepreneur, Joe had his lightbulb moment.

We start his story in 2020 when he spent hours researching something called ChatGPT3, which the world knew nothing about.

Over time, he began to figure out its capabilities and nuances – he could already see the potential we’re witnessing today.

By July 2022, while working as an AI consultant for a traditional publishing company, he was taken aback by the profit margins they boasted, especially given they hadn’t even tapped into AI’s potential yet.

He had seen behind the curtain and the figures showed they were making millions without doing anything special or complicated

This realization was Joe’s eureka moment. Why not merge AI’s power with the ebook market’s vast expanse?

Joe took a regular business and added AI rocket fuel


Harnessing his deep understanding of ChatGPT, he set up his publishing venture.

He used ChatGPT to produce an astounding 40 ebooks in 2 months.

Suddenly Joe had a collection of raw products ready for selling. But he’d never sold anything online…

Financial Freedom Hits

Skyrocketing Sales and a Life-Transformed

Looking at how his competitors were selling eBooks, Joe taught himself the quickest way to advertise the books and make them profitable.

No sooner had he set up paid ads and a landing page to sell his AI-generated ebooks than the dollars started rolling in.

From a modest $20 profit after a few weeks of running paid ads, Joe saw exponential growth.

Within three months, he raked a whopping $ 1,000 daily from his ebook sales!

He told his family over dinner, and they couldn’t believe it.

Joe went from making $20 a day to $1000 a day


With profit margins soaring between 70-80%, even after accounting for advertising, Joe’s business was a lean machine.

It wasn’t just about the content quality but about offering the right books to the right niche. He also streamlined operations by retaining a proofreader, ensuring quality while maximizing output.

After the sales kept rolling in over a few months, Joe began exploring options to sell his thriving business. And it wasn’t long before an offer came in, the most notable being an eye-popping $930,000.

While the number was tempting, Joe sensed greater potential and decided to further build his business before letting it go. He’s going all in and even thinking about building multiple publishing companies because the process is so repeatable using AI.

Amid all this whirlwind of success, Joe still managed to find a little time for himself. He channeled his creativity into producing house music during nighttime sessions. And as for the fruits of his labor?

He made a savvy investment by picking up a Rolex while consciously steering clear of depreciating assets. No flash cars for him (yet).

Here’s his top tips to avoid the mistakes he made at the start of his journey…

Streamlined Sales

Joe’s top tips for starting an AI-Ebook side hustle

Joe isn’t just a story of success; he’s a vault of valuable insights for anyone aspiring to follow in his footsteps. And he’s generous enough to share. His top tips for this business model are:

(1) Knowledge is Power: It’s not just about using AI but understanding it. Dive deep into generative AI workings. The better you understand its nuances, the higher the quality of your output.

(2) Carve Your Niche: For Joe, it was middle-aged moms – a demographic with high traffic and an ambitious spirit. Identifying and targeting a specific niche can differentiate noise and a resonating message.

(3) Check Out Competitors: Don’t reinvent the wheel. Study bestsellers, especially the inexpensive ones. Analyze their structure, their pitch, and their appeal.

Keep a healthy and moral eye on the competition


(4) Your Brand Matters More Than You Think: Think of your landing page as your book cover in a brick-and-mortar store.

A bounce rate above 70% is a red flag. Invest time in creating a consistent, high-quality landing page that reflects the value of what you’re offering.

(5) Embrace Competition: Don’t be deterred by saturated markets or emerging competitors. Instead, view it as a challenge to elevate your game.

According to Joe, there’s room for everyone, provided you’re willing to evolve and refine. It’s ok though, because he doesn’t see the eBook market becoming saturated until at least the end of the decade.

Strategically Aligning Software with Success

Tech sorcery you need to start a similar business:

Launching an AI-driven eBook business is an exciting venture, blending technology and creativity.

As with any startup, having the right toolkit can be the difference between smooth operations and unnecessary roadblocks.

If you’re curious about what tech is essential to replicate Joe’s success, here’s a rundown:

As entrepreneurs, technology is our ultimate lever


  • Canva: Craft compelling eBook covers and promotional graphics.
  • Payment Gateway: Integrations like Stripe or PayPal to manage transactions.
  • Digital Advertising Platforms: Google Ads or Facebook Ads for targeted promotions. Joe used Pinterest Ads. Use the one your ideal audience hangs out on the most.
  • Analytics Tool: Google Analytics to understand traffic and user behavior on your landing page.


If we use technology smartly, we can turn small ideas into big successes. These tools aren’t just for getting started – they’re the building blocks for growing and thriving in an increasingly digital world.

Until next time,

Cashflow Chronicles

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