Littleton Introduces A New Rewards Program To Encourage Customer Support For Local And Small Businesses

Littleton Introduces A New Rewards Program To Encourage Customer Support For Local And Small Businesses

Littleton is redefining “shop local” with a high-tech twist through its innovative “Open Rewards” program, a city initiative that’s steering customers towards the heart and heart of its economy: the small and locally-owned businesses. This program isn’t just an encouragement; it’s an incentive, offering shoppers a 5% return on purchases made at nearly 160 participating local establishments, including the newly opened Littleton Meats.

For small business owners like Dave Mayo of Littleton Meats, Open Rewards isn’t just an app; it’s a lifeline to community support and exposure. Along with other local entrepreneurs, Mayo finds the city-funded initiative an investment of $40,000 to be a game-changer. It’s a model where the city shoulders costs, letting businesses and consumers reap the rewards. Customers, enticed by the cashback, upload receipts in droves, fostering a cycle of local spending and loyalty.

Littleton’s Mayor, Kyle Schlachter, champions the program as a pivotal move toward nurturing the city’s quaint charm and economic vibrancy. He, too, is an avid user of the app, embracing the dual benefit of supporting local enterprises and enjoying perks as a customer. The program is a testament to the city’s commitment to its business community, driving foot traffic and fostering a culture of local pride.

Since its launch in September, the initiative has shown promising results. The app has attracted 450 customers, 71% reporting that the program influenced their local shopping decisions. Economic Development Specialist II Jamie Crout sees the program as a catalyst for sustained business and customer retention, particularly during the slower business months like January.

The impact is palpable for ventures like Littleton Meats, which also serves as a platform for 35 other local small businesses. The synergy between the store’s offerings and the rewards program creates a ‘win-win’ for the entire local supply chain. Customers are not just shopping; they’re investing in their community, buoyed by the tangible benefits of the rewards program.

As Littleton continues to innovate with customer engagement and economic strategies, Open Rewards stands out as a beacon of community-centric commerce. It’s more than an app; it’s a movement encouraging residents to explore, engage, and reinvest in the small businesses that give Littleton its unique character. With user-friendly features like a business locator map and easy redemption through Venmo or PayPal, the program is set to keep Littleton shopping, supporting, and succeeding together.